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    Building Maintenance 

    Standard ZLP series suspended platform

    ZLP 500 suspended platform

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    Watsond ZLP 500 suspended platform belongs to ZLP series suspended platforms. It is made according to China’s GB 19155-2003 standard for suspended platforms working at height. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, tailed to suit any working conditions. It can help you with both construction and maintenance work.

    Model: ZLP 500 
    Brand: Watsond 
    Material: steel or aluminum 
    Platform length: 5 m ( 2.5 m * 2 ) 
    Rated load: 500 kg 
    Working height: 0-100 m 
    Hoist : LTD50 
    Safety lock: LSB30

    Compostion of ZLP 500 suspended platform
    A ZLP 500 suspended platform is usually composed by the following: a suspended mechanism used to hang the platform ; two sections of suspended cradles ( platforms ) ( each one is 2.5 meters long) ; an electric control box, two LTD50 hoists, two LSB30 safety locks;  4 wire ropes whose diameters are 8.3 mm, and whose lengthes are equal to the working height. 
    Besides the above there are some optional parts. For example, counter weights ( usually concrete or iron-coated concrete blocks weight 20 or 25 kg each one, a ZLP 500 needs 800 kg counter weight ) , safety ropes ( usually as long as the wire ropes, made of nylon, tied to the workers in the platform), bottom wheels ( help to move the platform on the ground, usually four at the bottom corners ) and wall wheels ( help to move the platform on the building facade and make it more stable when working, usually two on the side towards to the facade).

    Parameters of ZLP 500 suspended platform
    Model: ZLP500
    Rated load: 500 kg
    Working height: 0-100 m 
    Power supply : 380V50HZ 3phase5wires
    Lifting speed : 9.3 m / min
    Lifting power: 1.5kw * 2
    Platform size: 5 ( 2.5m*2 ) * 0.76*1.45 m
    Platform weight: 290kg ( aluminum ) or  410 kg ( steel )
    Suspended mechanism weight:  360 kg 
    Wire rope : 31SW+FC-8.3 * 4
    Hoist: LTD50 *2
    Safety lock: LSB30 * 2
    Counter weight: 800 kg

    Operation of Watsond ZLP500 suspended platform
    Watsond ZLP500 suspended platform is a powered platfrom which is controled by an electric control box and lifted by two LTD50 hoists. The box is fixed on the inside of the platform thus it can be easily operated by the workers. There are cables which connect it to the power source ( usually on the roof of the building) and to the hoists. Once the power is on , the hoists will drive the platform up and down. 
    The two LTD50 hoists are fixed to both ends of the platform, each is 50 kg and has a power of 1.5 kw.They adopt α type rope in-and-out system, and are designed for 31SW+FC-8.3 wire ropes.

    Safety of ZLP 500 suspended platform
    We have LSB30 anti-tilt safety lock to prevent the wire rope from out of working. The permissable impact force of LSB30 is 30 KN. The locking distance is less than 100 mm , which means that the safety lock can lock the wire rope within 100 mm once it does not work.  The locking angle is 3-8 degrees, mean that the safety lock can be started once the platform tilts within 3-8 degrees.
    Besides safety lock, we have other safety devices such as limit claps & switches and safety ropes. Once the limit swithes touched limit claps while the platform is moving up and down, the motor will stop and an alarm is heard.

    Other info about ZLP 500 suspended platform
    Watsond ZLP 500 is made from steel or aluminum. If made by steel, the surface can be powder coated or hot galvanized to make the platform more endurable and looking nicer. The platform is usually 2.5m+2.5m, but it can also coupled by other ways, say 1m+2m+2m,which is up to the clients.
    Since ZLP 500 platform is a modular platform, some parts of it are replacable. This is both convenient for the clients and platform working.

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